Kindergarten 1 & 2

Kindergarten 1 ( K1 ) and Kindergarten 2 ( K2 ) level is a significant stage in the transition period of children, at this stage children will begin to be given basic responsibilities and they come together in an environment that is ready to meet the needs of all children – mind, body and spirit.
Working individually or in small groups, they explore the areas of practical life, sensorial, math, and language. Their knowledge will be strengthened, their vocabulary skills also will be increased, they will be more fluent in terms of reading and writing, they will also start writing every word spoken by the teacher. children will also expand their numeracy skills by learning addition, subtraction, less – more, size and more. at this time children also became increasingly independent as a preparation to move on to a higher level of education.
They will also improve fine motor skills, through various projects such as painting and folding, practical life skills such as dressing alone, and the practice of writing with the right rules (left to right, top to bottom) using the Montessori system.
The psychological environment set by the teacher is encouraging and supportive of purposeful activity.Children have a freedom, within limits, to pursue their own needs while learning to respect the needs of others.