Khayangan Montessori School  was established in 2004 by using the Montessori Method as the main foundation in learning at Khayangan Montessori School and for a long period of time we have scored the graduates who are superior and competent in their respective fields. We use the Montessori Method as a basis for learning because we think the Montessori Method is the Easiest Method to apply in daily life. Basically, the Montessori Education Method is almost the same as the system in general, because it still involves students and teachers. However, in regular school, all lessons are taught based on the curriculum that has been made in draft form, so that inevitably the children will be forced to understand all the things taught by the teacher. Whereas in schools that apply the method of montessori education, children will not be forced to learn something, but they will be freed to learn according to their wishes however still be prepared in the environment. Free the child’s potential and you will transform it into the world
(Maria Montessori)

Children’s are taught to be more free in choosing learning, more independent, and even older children can be put together in one class with younger children , so that older children will become role models for younger children. with the montessori method children will not only get academic education but children will also be taught learning in daily life, such as buttoning clothes, washing dishes, pouring water into a cup, using spoons and forks simultaneously and others. Five Montessori Education System is Practical Life, sensorial, Language, Cultural, and Math. and with this method it will also make children become critical children who have greater curiosity and creative children so that they can innovate, and children who are able to socialize with anyone of various ages, both young and old. Khayangan Montessori School is a bilingual school, but in the learning process, the teacher will teach using English, where it is expected that children are accustomed to using English in their daily lives in the era of globalization, because as we know English has become international language since many years ago, but not only English,  in Khayangan Montessori School , we also introduced Mandarin to our students, so that students in Khayangan Montessori School are not only able to speak English but they are also able to understand simple of Mandarin.

School fees at Khayangan Montessori School are also quite affordable, as a bilingual school our school fees is very affordable and can be used as a comparison with other bilingual schools. so don’t hesitate to contact our school, and let’s join independent and critical children creatively at Khayangan Montessori School.