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Welcome to
Khayangan Montessori School

I have joined in Khayangan Montessori School since 2010 as a teacher and I have been given the opportunity to be the principal from 2014 until now.

I invite you to come to visit to our school which is in a comfortable and safe residential environment where our school concept is back home, where children when they come to school don’t feel that they are in a school environment, they will feel as comfortable as at home, but still by applying the school rules

At Khayangan Montessori School, we also help children to be more confident in their daily lives, our schools also support not only for your child’s academic development, but also physical, mathematical, linguistic, practical life, religion and social emotional skills, through the environment around us both in class and outside school.

If you feel needs to discuss with us about the benefits of the Montessori Method for your child, please contact our school to arrange your visit.

Khayangan Montessori School

is commiteed to Helping children learn independently with the guidance of qualifies teachers in Montessori Prepared Environment

Special Future

  • A Warm and Trusting Environment
  • Creative, Child-centered and Nurturing
  • Hand-on Learning
  • Integreted Curriculum
  • Multi-media Exposure
  • Social Awareness
  • Parent Involment


For admision to Khayangan Montessori School, Not based on academic level or language skills. Placement is only emphasized based on the child’s age and social emotional, to ensure that children are in the same class as their peers, and to hold children in the same class on the next school year is only considered a last resort. There will be an assessment of new children, but this is only to measure their social emotional level, to overcome the concerns that teachers may have about emotional abilities for new children.
The required documents in the admission forms are as follows :

Completed Admission form


Completed parents and students details form


Photocopy of child’s birth certificate


Photocopy of parents (KTP)

There are free trial classes available, and our school is open for enrolments at any time of the year.Please feel free to call us on: 021-27612729 in order to make an appointment. Please fill out the registration form below

I can do it by my self


Our Online Class During Covid-19

Our Online Class During Covid-19learn in anywhere and anytime because we have online class everyday

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Khayangan Montessori School (KMS)
Komplek Pesona Khayangan Blok FO No.6 Margonda, Depok.
P : 021-27612729
M : 0812-9081-7006
I can do it by My Self

Khayangan Montessori School (KMS)
Komplek Pesona Khayangan Blok FO no.6 Margonda, Depok.
P : 021-27612729
M : 0812-9081-7006
I can do it by My Self